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My favourite garlic butter potatoes ~ squeee


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neko boy
This is my,,,,nothing in the house and 500% broke go to meal and I think everyone deserves to know it because its simple and like, 3 ingredients and DOESN'T FEEL LIKE YOU SKIMPING TO GET BY.


- Potatoes (baby/new potatoes or normal ones - any go!)
- Butter (can be non dairy butter)
- Garlic

1. Chop potatoes up into pieces. For new/baby potatoes I tend to chop in half, for normal potatoes I just cut them into sizes which would roughly be what half a baby potato is WOAW
2. Boil or steam potatoes until semi soft in middle
3. Stick in a oven dish, put diced garlic ontop with a big blob of butter
4. Stick in oven for 20-45 minutes until they look realllyyyy good.
5. Don't forget to stir halfway to make sure the melted butter can flavour and crisp the potatoes ontop too :3

Perfect for some fuel to last the day while tasting nice and costing almost pennys :'3

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