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My name is Rose Ailuros and I am a kitten from Glasgow, Scotland (UK).
I have white blonde hair, porcelain white skin and bright green eyes.

My interests lie in many things, but if I had to choose five, they would be;
Ballet, fashion, fitness, opera and reading.

Fashion-wise, I have always been a lover of elegance and class. I incorperate it into my wardrobe whenever possible.
Opera composers such as Pyotr Tchaikovsky, Vincenzo Bellini, Georges Bizet, Giacomo Puccini and Charles-François Gounod are only a few of my favourites.
My favourite books to read are often same-sex romances by Patricia Highsmith, Melissa Brayden and Jae.

My passions and goals lie in art whether it be literature, paintings, music or design.
This world has so much beauty within it and I live to experience and relish in all of its forms.

Thank you for having me!

R. Ailuros

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