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Fave switch/console games?


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I thought id start a thing where we can talk switch or console games! I'll start!

So with my tax this year I decided to get a switch. I didn't have any games immediately because I couldnt choose hahahaha. But here's my fave games so far.

Two I also have on PC which is undertale and stardew valley

images (71).jpeg images (69).jpeg

Both of these games are fairly unique and interactive. I'd go through descriptions but it's gonna take forever Hahahah but definitely worth looking up!

My next fave I ended up spending 11hours playing on Christmas day without knowing is pokemon evee!
images (70).jpeg

and because I was playing it and my partner saw it's cuteness he ended up getting the Pikachu version and we've been playing it since competing to see who can finish the sections sooner hahahaha.

So what's your fave games?


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neko boy
Ahhh!! I want a switch so bad! But I also dont have the time to justify buying one *XD*D:*XD*
I pretty much only play animal crossing in 3DS now. Once in a blue moon.

Ive heard that pokemon switch game is super good tho!