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Addressing Recent Spam


Staff member
Hi guys - Spam has been on a high lately!
It's so stressful but please bare with me and try and create content to outweigh it all.
We have to manually one by one delete all the spam, if you see it or any people spamming - please send a report!

I wanted to write this update because its not like its hideable anymore. Usually I delete the spam within 24hours of it happening.
But now theres like 17+ pages of spam comments on threads originally made by us kitties.
My review/spam detector is full of 5.5k+ spam detected posts - and these aren't even the ones that have been posted or public yet.

I would like to confirm however, your details etc are still safe. We havn't been hacked, its just bots making accounts and proceeding to comment and post.

If this persists we will look into adding a method requiring MANAUL APPROVAL for new users - let me know if this is something you'd like to see.
My mission over the next few days is to clear the site of all spam and get it back on track and under wraps - please bare with me in the mean time tho and we may look into expanding our moderator team here on the forum :'3

Have fun time posting tho kitties! :D
Lets spread some positivity thru all this stressful ness -

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