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  1. OmoKitten

    Star themed collar I made

    I made a collar! I'll be offering them in my store but 😻 I managed to successfully pleat it too aaa :33
  2. OmoKitten

    J-Con Derby!

    Hiaa sweet peas! :D I have an upcoming convention ~ I'm going to J-Con derby with the Saturday and I'm up for a little meet if anyone else is going to, I understand its a smol convention tho. If you are going tho - let me know so we can hang out and get some photos tho eee :'3 I am probably...
  3. OmoKitten

    Umaru-chan Cosplay \^o^/

    eep!1 heres a lil selfies style of my Umaru-Chan cosplay :'3 One of my fav anime weebs from in anime c; I still havn't actually seen the second season....shame its not on crunchyroll aaaa
  4. OmoKitten

    QOTD What are you focusing on right now?!

    Guys! First up, I have some really great news! I've finished college!!!!! I've completely finished, I came out with a merit at 84% and I'm so chuffed aa :'3 But due to finishing college, thats obviously free'd up alot of time for me and now means my priorities and main focuses are changing...
  5. OmoKitten

    Bad kitty don't eat veggies

    SO I'm a super bad kitty and i dont eat my veggies :(*thinking*:O Do you have any recommendations on how to prep/cook my veggies so that I like them and what veggies you recommend? I tend to love flavours like garlic, onion and soy sauce :3
  6. OmoKitten

    Shield Hero! - Anime

    ASDFGHJKL I LOVE SHIELD HERO AND LIKE, ITS ABOUT TO END SOON BUT LIKE, ITS SOO GOOD. Honestly if you like action I recommend it because you got a raccoon girl and a bird girl. Theres actually also like, lowkey caregiver/master scenes and lots of headpats, as naofumi really takes them both...
  7. OmoKitten


    !!! Free Neko Palace Residents Membership !!! Hiaa beans - if you reply to this post, I'll manually upgrade your account to give you 1 free month of Neko Palace Resident memberships. For details on what a Neko Palace residents membership entails read this...
  8. OmoKitten

    My new ears! Andies Ears!

    Hewwo! Soo! It was my 21st birthday on the 23rd of May eeee! I'm an adult adult now. Anywayy, one of my presents included these ears directly from andie themself uwu. Whatchu think?! I'm actually smol itty bitty ear gang so getting used to big ears is hard hahah, but i love how they smashed my...
  9. OmoKitten

    Nekoboy Friday Convention Look

    For first look of the convention weekend (which is sadly now over!) I went as a nekoboy :33 I took a photoset in this look too so you can expect that on www.nekopalace.net in the near future uwu
  10. OmoKitten

    I met Pusheen!!

    Aaaa!! *XD* literally ever nekos dream! I met Pusheen!! Me and Andie got a photo with Pusheen and one of the staff members for the stand took the photos for us UWU Apparently theres a new Pusheen or something? i'm unsure but theres specific times to go and meet the pusheen or something sksksksk
  11. OmoKitten


    Them low quality webcam pics always have a certain aesthetic B) Aaa!! pawsies tho eee! :3 I actually prefer having paws over tails - shhh!!
  12. OmoKitten

    ☆ A look ☆

    👀 I did a look for an upcoming themed photoset and this is how it turned out!😸 The necklace is made by me and eeee uwu I even tried to get some, body shots of this look. I notice i take face shots only and, yeH i gotta work on that hahah
  13. OmoKitten

    Job searching advice?

    Hi yall ;-; I know its probably an odd place to ask on here but yall are like a big huddle of friends and some of you have more experience at life than me.... How should I go about job searching? Ofcourse I currently have my part time job but I'm hoping to hop into a finance role, but so far...
  14. OmoKitten


    tag yourself BNHA edition xDD p.s. highly recommend this anime if you havn't seen it already. have you watched it? I LOVE IT. GIMMIE MOAR.
  15. OmoKitten

    5 Tips for Neko Boys

    I originally made this as an article for Neko Palace but I thought a video version would be cute too! :3 Do you have any extra tips you'd like to give to Neko boys?:nomnoms:
  16. OmoKitten

    MCM Comic Con London May 2019

    Its getting closer! So I thought it'd be suitable to make a thread 👀 MCM Comic Con London is coming up this May. Are you going? It'd be awesome to do some sort of meet up if possible. I'm going for the whole weekend :3 As more responses are gathered, I'll make a list here of people hoping to...
  17. OmoKitten

    My favourite garlic butter potatoes ~ squeee

    This is my,,,,nothing in the house and 500% broke go to meal and I think everyone deserves to know it because its simple and like, 3 ingredients and DOESN'T FEEL LIKE YOU SKIMPING TO GET BY. Ingredient: - Potatoes (baby/new potatoes or normal ones - any go!) - Butter (can be non dairy butter)...
  18. OmoKitten

    Tag yourself! - Cats

    Tag yourself! go go go! I'm probably defiantly Aieou, whatchu think?xD
  19. OmoKitten


    MANNN FOR REAL THO WHY CAN'T REAL LIFE BE LIKE ANIMAL CROSSING You get a house from a raccoon and then just pay him back as and when you can. You can have pretty flowers. You get money from shaking trees and smashing rocks. I think we all out here doing life wrong yo
  20. OmoKitten

    Omo ventures to Birmingham!

    Today I ventured into Birmingham today to take some photographs of Andie! (Androigynous on instagram) I think I got some good shots. Heres a derpy selfie of us Also! I got to try five guys for the first time and it was so nice omggg